Young Mooch - Lord Knows Lyrics

If i should die before i wake
The ..bust his .. they won’t ..
..they want bust his ..
The one who ..his gun ...

I ain’t .. just have hard to keep it ..
F*ck the judge and the lawyer when i come to destroy
I want that ground shit this crap in the ..
This money quit nothing gotta roll
You can ask my dad i take a plastic ..
Tired of two tones and going jail two times
Got myself too .. and keep me do steps ahead
From the .. niggas want me dead for ..
When i ..into the fans i still keep my head
They .. i still .. got my breath
And my heart is street and good to my ..
Money is hard to keep so i kill over my pocket
You ain’t to beat and everybody’s retarded
Niggas starting to eat and girl making them bottle
Until i get on my feet I’m goin remain in the project
So i must kill and beat ..reaches my only option

2 x Hook:
Lord knows i ain’t ask for this
I got the blast with this
Cause i ain’t have a shit
I see myself pulling over putting gas in the ..
Put your pass in the bitch
With that glass on the ..

I’ve been couple kilos in Puerto Rico
With the nino
Cause anything about cocaine my nigga he know
And he show a nigga how to come up post zero
So i’ma make a long story short
My gal he .. I’m getting dough and getting hoes ..
We go pop up the gentlemen club and we go
Park out to gentlemen’s clubs and black ..
Hey all 15 cakes and ..somebody fill me ..
i¬Ďm just tryin to feed my people yeah i¬ím getting rap money
But i’m still illegal i’m the reason why he sees the .. niddles
Lord knows i know i could bite that car
If i wouldn’t call a nigga with a ..
I’m 19 years old so i didn’t start this cocaine
Game off, i just play in my part down to the last ..
I just pray to god to make it home in the city
When time be hard

[2 x Hook:]

Chasing my dreams as a team the all by all means get the green
Life ain’t never as it seems on the real my nigga
Don’t ..ground magazines 50 calos in my jeans
I’m just tryin pay the bills my nigga
How many feel my nigga it’s whatever to get the ..
Might kill em nigga the shit don’t get no ..
Life is .. more than Gucci ..and we’re making niggas feel
Like on the other level just listen to what i take you
when music is take advantage you .. whe nigga is shit right
and ..police supply pressure who want no ..
taking bones no last .. i can’t stand it when a ..hustler
so nigga aint’ got got all the ..
i swore that i’ll be paid by night ..what i’ve made i saved
and shit shade for .. lord know

[2x Hook:]

When the bust is gone .. nigga you know ..
Nigga you know ...

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