Young Goldie - The Man Lyrics

The Man! by Young GoldieLeggo!

Yup Yup You Know Im The Shit,
Yes I Am The Shit With THE Flies Around It,
Where YA Girl?,
Nigga Find Ya Chick,
Oh She On My Dick,
She Say It's Permanent,

She Got My Name Tatted,
Right Above Her Split,
YoungGoldie In Graffiti So When I Spray On Her Clit,

You Gone Need The Fucken Paramedics When You Dip Cuz My Dick Gone Leave Yo
Tummy Small And Ya Pussy Thick!,
And Ima Call And My Nigga's To Get All My Nigga's So I Can Be Able To
She Wasn't With The Half Cuz She Stuck All On My Dick,
All In My Chips,
Oh Im The Bag Of Chips,
All On My Dick,
Bitch I Know Im The Shit,

She Said She Like It Rough So I Supplex Her In My Crib,
You Know I Got That Cheddar But She Paying For My Bed,
Extra-Large Magnum The Only One I Fit,
Im Doing It Big,
But Im Only A Kid,

Yup Yup You Know Ima Teen,
I Used To Be A Dween With Low Self Esteem,
But Now I Got That Gleam ,
Bitches All Up On My Team So When I Come through Ridin Clean You on ya Toes
Like Billy Jean,

Dam! ,
Better Grab Ya Mother before she get fucken slammed,
By My Fucken BodyGuard Because You know he aint playing,
Oh She A Crazy Fan,
Run On Stage While I Jam,
YoungGoldie Is The Man,
The Man!

The MAN! The Man! (Echo),
The MAN! The Man! (Echo),
The MAN! The Man! (Echo),

The MAN! The Man! (Echo),
The MAN! The Man! (Echo),
The MAN! The Man! (Echo),


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