Imelda May - Let Me Out Lyrics

hounding down the door
drowning out to name
stomping through the floor
let me out boy, i've gone insane
im hissing like a kitten kept in a cage
im howling like a dog
you evil what you do to me
ive kissed you but you still a frog

let me out x11

you doubt me and you dangle the key
freedom are found in my rage
you better let me or im gonna break
every bone in this human cage
you hold up two tie to tie me down
this time youve gone too far
you evil what you do to me
ill be out of this prison now

let me out x11

oh yeah

oh im starting to breath
im starting to shake
go oh i cant breath but
you not gonna take a lot of action
im a distraction
im going out of my mind
gonna wreck the bus
gonna break the balls
gonna tear out my hair
digging holes at the wall
my possesion is your obsession
youre not gonna win this time

let me out

Thanks to lenoir7

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