lil eddie - After Today Lyrics

I never use to think much about
The little sayings people say.
Like you never miss a good thing til it’s gone
Oh, how my opinion changed.
I never thought I’d see you walking out
Got so comfortable in my ways
But before this .. yeah

I’m not used to
Waking up without you in my arms
If you allow me to
Get another chance I can make it alright

All I’m asking from you is to hear
What I gotta say
After today,
After today if you want I’ll let you go your way
I know I treated you wrong
But I don’t wanna move on.
Leaving it up to you,
Whatever you do, baby
At least you know I love you after today.

Always kept you waiting around
Cause I knew that you would be there.
Took advantage of you and now I’m paying the cost
Life could be so damn unfair.
Cause all and all though I did play around
No I wasn’t tryn hurt you, my dear.
All my selfish ways have made me lose
One of the people that I love the most.



Baby we could make this simple.
I need you to be patient with me
Cause I’m fixing my issues.
Allow me to show you
How much I’ve grown.
See, you’ve been away far too long
I need you back in my arms again.

I’m hoping that you see
How much I’ve changed.

[Chorus x2]


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