Yung Berg - My Reality Lyrics

We smoke hard till a nigger gets cardiac arrest
That’s a party as it’s best
The speed made .. at the best
CEO status .. with the checks
Nights in the club my mornings are on the jet
Is how I wanna be I am always thinking at him
Silly me then again a beat drop like there snatch
Rap is all that hit before I made 23
.. I ain’t never like .. about to have an orgy
Real life though you know how life go
Bad ass shit white girl
Niggers fuck you that’s not a type
Try a real life song I was going through
.. what are you bagging mommy
Bitches from hoes I can’t remember
Only nigger fuck more hoes than me is a probably a ¬Ö
Remember that take a picture of me
Remember .. I love my man rich
I love my ladies bossy the car that I am driving
Is the shit and is costly .. next to me
.. on green light I go go hard on the hoes
All I know .. I deserve this cause I am a girl
¬Öeveryday is .. Monday at the ..
She is bagging momma good I cannot complain
.. skinny .. call it .. for both of us
We haven’t slept for three days
I am about to do the bad things ..
All these mother fuckers try to live fancy ..
Niggers on the block say they wanna battle me
.. all is part of my reality


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