lil eddie - Crucify Lyrics

So much for miss the magic

If i can’t see you ever again
Just know it’s the end of my time
Oh i doubt ’cause love isn't love without a fight
I’ll sacrifice my life

Don’t wanna see none of the friends tonight
Not try to get lost in the city light
I’m sick of those other girls that i leave by the morning light yeah
Oh i not really myself since i say goodbye
Angry at the world because of you

Pre Chorus:
Who else would go a thousand miles to hand a back for you
I want to cross the burning bridge and get you back for you
Standing further silver ..but you never do it
Without sacrifice my life

Just crucify my heart
You might as well take it out and nail it to a cross
Or if i can’t live without you, crucify my heart
with every beat you have to be certain ...
Or if i gotta live without you, crucify my heart
Ooh go crucify my heart
Ooh crucify my heart

I know that you see in the taxis cry
Why don’t you ..finger i swallow my pride
Is there something missing ..
i think that’s it’s better ..i doubt it
this isn’t a matter of wrong or right
now ..this planet there’s a more ..

[pre Chorus:]

Can’t see you .. just know is the end of time
Or i got this love is .. i’ll sacrifice my life
I’ll sacrifice my life


Ohh just crucify my heart
Ohh just crucify my heart
Just take it out and ..
My heart yeah
Live without you crucify my heart
Girl crucify my heart

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