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Yung Berg - Shoulda Coulda Woulda Lyrics

(ft Mikkey Halsted)

They say for the city you know
ItÂ’s time for me to put on
Niggas wanna to go back to the iceberg day life
I got really rapping shit you know what iÂ’m sayin
How could ever speak about things that iÂ’m reading bout
IÂ’d probably just read the mouth
ItÂ’s like .. IÂ’m leaving for Gina house
The total package IÂ’m making .. Tisha house
..cooking tryin to ..my game
See ever man looking away from my first ..cutty
Using samples no little P with the same cookie
The mother niggas hating on me is like we couldnÂ’t do it
Well look at me i need a .. only took a year
.. Miami the hug is here
Woman .. as iÂ’m in top .. down ..
When i set up in the chair
Between love and war aintÂ’ shit fair
The open analyze my nigga switch ..
Murder the b watch choke it out
Time to getting nigga something to talk about gun

CouldÂ’ve been the nigga that you ..
CouldÂ’ve been the shawty that you pop your first gun from
CouldÂ’ve been the first dude that you fell in love with
CouldÂ’ve been the one that you you .. some with
CouldÂ’ve been the last one here when the world this
CouldÂ’ve been the other nigga f*cking on your girlfriend
I could be so when i think about where i shouldÂ’ve been
I thank god i ..cause i couldnÂ’t ..

Niggas could ..what i did it
Turn it grow up in the jungle
I ..to feel my stomach .. no slungin
See the .. for the chemical ..
Listen iÂ’ve been the G hip hop discoverer
Is something that iÂ’m proud of just in case we speak on
In prison as soon as they turn the beat on
The drink for a .. the deep throne
Ash .. i wrote .. in 90
Yellow boy canÂ’t get mama with the pipe dream
21 i went to check up with the pride ..
CouldÂ’ve been the mama base work the ..
Cut the fire .. my vision is 20 20
And little .. wise is ..so f*ck living in the past what couldÂ’ve been
..you know


Standing on the corner puffing my man ..
Waiting for your daughter so tryin to put it on you
Could be the nigga .. you aintÂ’ got a lot of ..
.. one day and we lot of ..
Could be a broken .. waiting for a ..
Could be going in Spain or i could be at your window now
Waiting for change
CouldÂ’ve been the court room sayin your name
Or i could bring Sally ..that you came
Till the .. wanna ..if you change
CouldÂ’ve been the dots from the .. your brain
I could be .. youÂ’re joing the game
Or i could be outside .. arrange
I thank god every time i speak
CouldÂ’ve been other rapper that rap with me


She couldÂ’ve been f*cked up by me
I couldÂ’ve gave up a long time ago you know what iÂ’m sayin
Lot niggas ..gonna stop
You know what iÂ’m sayin
F*ck out nigga, f*ck out here nigga

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