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Ya Boy - Come Back Home Lyrics

Nobody knows the summer ..
And nobody nobody give a hand about it
What ..of man is now and ..
Try to live without you oh ..burning here
Won’t you come back my darling
(rather shit) Come back home

Come back home
You know who it is
That boy you boy yeah

I hear the bake coming like a real dude
San Francisco, California make a real due
I’ve been around the world payin real dues
I got California poppin like a bill due
They say my city like a baby and ..
I’m in nine .. homie i see
Been together my style is tuffer than genuine eleven
I’m showing up whenever i ever shit is whatever
Black star shit i play this bitch is like a fedow
I mean the cups spinnin bubs ‘cause i’m ..
I used to cook crack used to f*ck hood rats
And now i’m own like remake and good that
Where Rihanna at where is .. at
I get em wet aquaries that’s my zodiac
I say it all but no matter where nigga roll
My city say

Come back home
Come back home
I’m doing my things right now, right?
Come back home shout out to the big homie Akon
The only nigga that believe in the ..
Come back home, watch what i do though

Yeah i hear my city calling like an old son
I hope thy watchin me close ‘cause i’ma show em something
Show em .. baby the roll something
Told bus maybe a couple ..
They never seen a nigga this fresh
Is the ring to the west side givin new breath
Girl I’m from the brain you ain’t got a guess
So you know i go, no
No Abs i like her baby dress so I’m under baby dress
So whenever baby dress i just tell baby yes
My city made a hustler I’m shining like the ..
You make a..eaten your appetite suppressed
I’m ..dollar i’ll be back alter on
But i ain’t got a .. so i’m in ..when i want
No matter where i go
I hear my city say

Come back home
Come back home
Rest in peace all my niggas dead yeah
So .. come back home
I see that when i get that free on homies
Come back home
I see that when i get home

While i beat the mother f*cking rock star

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