Glee Cast - It's All Over Lyrics

was supposed to love me,
I turn my back and find myself out on the line,
You coula' warned me but that woulda been too kind
(Mr Shceuster):
I've been warning you for months to clean up your act:
You've been late, you've been mean, giving all kinds of stupid flack.
That's a lie, that's a lie,
It's just that I haven't been feeling that well
Effie please.
Stop excusing yourself
You've been late, you've been mean
And getting fatter all the time
Now you're lying, you're lying, I've never been so thin
You're lying, you're lying 'cause you're knocking off that piece
Who thinks she's better than everybody running for president
She ain't better than anybody
She ain't nothing but common
Now listen to me,
Miss blame it on the world;
See I've put up with you for much too long
I have
Put up with your bitching,
I put up with your nagging,
And all your screaming too!
Oh, now when are you two gonna stop
All this fighting
Stay out of this Finn,
This is between Santana and me.
Well it's between me too
I'm as much a part of this group
As anybody else
And I'm tired,
Effie I'm tired
Of all the problems
You're making up
I always knew
You two were together
Always knew you two were ganging up on me
(Mr Shceuster):
Kurt had nothing to do with this change
It was you!
It was you always thinking of you
Always thinking of you
Lay off Effie,
Just take the money and run
You in this with them, Puck?
Cool it Effie,
This time you know what you've done!
Always your sugarbomb too, huh?
I've said good Effie,
This time you've gone too far!
Oh, I can go further, I can go further.
(Mike Cheng):
I don't wanna stay around this,
I'm just breaking in
To this business.
This is between all of you,
This is none of my offense.
I'm not feeling well
I've got pain
Effie we all got pain
Oh, for two years I stuck with you,
I was your sister
You got in trouble!
Now you're telling me
It's all over
Now we're telling you
It's all over
And now I'm telling you:
I ain't going.
It's all over
I ain't going
It's all over.

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