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"In Love We Trust" song overview :
The American Pop/R&B singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko has just unleashed a new track that will be present on the project she is actually working on which is entitled “Souled Out”. The “In Love We Trust” song represents an R&B lullaby combined with dynamical and sexual energy, the beautiful Jhene working with young Casey Veggies for this new record which was produced by K. Roosevelt.
In Love We Trust lyrics

Jhene Aiko - In Love We Trust Lyrics

Turn, turn me up,
DonÂ’t turn me down
Turn, turn, turn, turn me up
DonÂ’t turn me down, yeah!
Turn me up, donÂ’t turn me down
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah
I gotta, I gotta slow down on you, OK, OK
In the heart of L.A, thereÂ’s a lost little girl
With a head full of the curls and the weight of the world on her shoulders
But her story gets colder, hold up!
All the men that she's ever encountered
Have proved to be cowards, misused and abused her, and bruised her with power
Now her doubts getting louder
And all her tears are building up, building up, building up
And her fears are killin' her, killin' her, killin' her

She donÂ’t believe in love no more, no more, no more
She donÂ’t believe in love, no, no
But I believe in her yeah, yeah, yeah!
Cause I believe in love, love, love, love
And love believes in us, yes, yes, yes

In the streets of N.Y, there's a guy whoÂ’s just trying to get by
9 to 5, selling dope on the side
For his son turning one, money grams every first of the month for his mom
Baby moms always calling with problems
Plus his brother in Harlem just got killed a drug deal that has gone wrong
With everything that's going on,

All his tears are building up, building up, building up
And all his fears are killin' him, killin' him, killin' him
he don't* believe in love no more, no more, no more!
DonÂ’t believe in love!
But I believe in him, yeah, yeah
Yes I believe in him, yeah, yeah
And I believe in love
Cause love believes in us, yes, does, does!

She a bad little chick, for I was all good living
I chase this bad rap life trying to find good in it
I had to tell her every city got a hood in it
All the time fine girls got me thinking I would hit it
SheÂ’s assuming me and him is just the same
But she should realize a real nigger and accept the change
Girl I got separate brains and they in separate lanes
One is chasing your love, the other never thinks
I love the fact you filled with knowledge, a freshmen in college
With the mindset "love life" won't help you prosper
Try to help you love life, keep you from impostors
Maybe you just rap money , give you a couple options
Really feel you deserve it and I donÂ’t think that often
IÂ’m just lost in facts that truth hits
IÂ’m riding around town with my new chick,
Old chick on my mental, man that shit is too sick

Now all our tears are building up, building up, building up
And all our fears are killing us, killing us, killing us
We donÂ’t believe in love no more, no more!
We donÂ’t believe in love,
But love believes in us, yes, yes!
Cause love believes in us, yeah!

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