CalikiddRome - IM 2 ON Lyrics

Iツ知 2 on her eiツ知 dressed too tone
Bitch iツ知 on the grind what are you on
Only thing drive me crazy as a red bone
Got a ride no top what other top bone
Blowing money fast never been shit to me
..two hotties in the back seat
Brawty in the passenger all it switch is leaves
Grind till i die ..streets
When this rode up f*cking up the hot ..
Blow so much cause coming up iツ知a ..
Coming aintツ seen all since two pack
All young nigga iツ知a young nigga from the cell block
And it me, hit the club and ever ..
If youツ池e not a friend then youツ池e an enemy
Hit you act like John F Kennedy

Iツ知 2 on, Iツ知 2 on
Iツ知 2 on, iツ知 2 on

Riding to the sea check us .. gonna find out
Got em check iツ値ltake it .. like ..
So i ainツ稚 done got the .. line
Living life lavish like iツ知 a ..
Donツ稚 got a long ride but iツ知
..from all ..go day
Why it was call the cocaine baby
Got me a dope dealer in the 80s
Shit whine me down
My pimp shit right now
Little niggas take lessons shut it down
Little mama gonna f*ck it up right down buss down
No tea for a lot of dough niggas donツ稚 hate iツ知 in my zone
But Iツ知 just like a.. donツ稚 believe me
Acting ..should tell you

2 x
Iツ知 2 on, Iツ知 2 on
Iツ知 2 on, iツ知 2 on

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