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Nephew - Hustlers Pray ft Smoke DZA Lyrics

2 x Hook:
Why we are here make a hustlers prayer
Why we are here make a hustlers prayer
Why we are here make a hustlers prayer
Hustlers prayer, hustlers prayer

Lord please let me make it to the crib safe
Don’t let me be the one in night they all the ..chase
So in the mornings i don’t walk with the sick face
See all calling ..time ..in make
And Lord please don’t let the .. find the crib
Btu if they do and they come in let me battle steal
I don’t really wanna kill but i’m tryin to live
Don’t wanna be out in the field but it’s how i live
Let’s say we nigga came from nothing ..we push the scale
And all the hustlers at the bucking sale
Let’s every nigga let’s some prison ‘cause he wouldn’t tell
..took the zale

[2 x Hook:]
Dry, dry, dry
Heavenly Father please spare me from this f*ck niggas
Excuse my language but they only try to slump desert
Hold me down watch over my crew
I was made in image ..
They call me and i ain’t tryin be blast
Just a little joke they came up ‘cause I’ll be having it
Know is the rule .. I’ll be after it
perfecting my craft whatever lane I’m after it
feel me God like .. in the trunk I’m tryin ..one
..i was the close one to any ..you must know something
kicking in no fronting ‘cause i knew i was good with you on my side
most high hold me down on seasons i’m cush .. for a reason amen


..My wings i keep it one the safest places
Strap on the .. cause i ain’t take from hating
Wait in patient pay for .. so i keep my shoes tight
Niggas fuck it up the game i think i need..
Everybody get their chance to ball like ..
I just watch my back for these haters
.. to front a .. chick
The real nigga.. stink
I swear another remix ..i came .. seas
Behind ...


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