Francisco - Island Girl Lyrics

Señorita where do you come from?
A far away land where there’s no war
Indigenous like Machu Pichu
So glad to meet you yeah

Pre Chorus:
Tell me where you come from does it rain?
Or do the beaches look like the ones they got in Spain?
Tell me more about you, I gotta know
Would you take me with you to this island paradise yeah

Ocean breezes blowing blowing blowing away
Don’t know if I’ll ever ever see it someday
But I got my, got my, got my island girl yeah
Got my, got my, got my island girl yeah

Señorita, de dónde eres?
Un mundo parte suena increíble
Me encantaría si me llevarías
A mí contigo yeah

Dime si la lluvia de tu hogar
A la belleza tuya la puedo comparar
Dime si existe tengo que saber
Llévame contigo a tu paraíso amor yeah

Y la brisa viene viene viene por mí
No sé cuándo yo lo volveré a revivir
Pero tengo tengo mi mujer de la isla
Tengo tengo mi mujer de la isla

I can feel the sun on me
Feels too good straight out a dream
Watching you putting some flowers in your hair
Girl I’m really glad i’m there with you my love, my love

[Pre Chorus:]
[2 x Chorus:]

Thanks to Lids for correcting these lyrics

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2012-09-27 11:38:54 by anonymous
Great song,,,, Francisco I love u.