"Get Low" song overview :
The American rapper Joseph Guillermo Jones II is a big figure in the Industry Heavyweights and recently brought to the surface “Get Low” which is the fifth song from the tracklist of “Vampire Life”, the upcoming mixtape by Jim Hones, released earlier on October 31st.
Get Low lyrics

Jim Jones - Get Low Lyrics

We in the midst of a cold winter, chilling
Niggers would eat your food but itÂ’s no dinner, where the food at
I make the paper, no printer
A blood cloud one shit I ainÂ’t no sprinter
They say coke is hot and need a cheaper price, we need better men
Better show them what you say they let you keep your life
Pretty nigger dog, let him keep his wife, fuck that bitch
Swear it was Gucci on my feet was Â…
Car getter from the back you can see the price
Interior Â… and the seats were Â…
Her legs Â…stick 5 inches
Told me speed up, she wants to die like the princess, bitch
Her Â… a half Â… jointsÂ…my cargo
And you donÂ’t need the light to see myÂ…
A nigger play a niggerÂ…have him John Doe.

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