"Love Shots" song overview :
American rapper Christopher Charles Lloyd, also known by his stage name Lloyd Banks didn`t brought us anything new for the past two years, but surprise, Lloyd will drop his upcoming project “The Cold Corner 2” which is going to be hot! “Love Shots” is a new released song from his future mixtape, waiting for opinions from fans and critics.
Love Shots lyrics

Lloyd Banks - Love Shots Lyrics

If you are feeling yourself and feeling me
The feeling are strong, great to see
You know feeling like going pack on me and pass
Possiblity you sit down drag the view
And try another one and back to my seat
Stop in someone come
Spot but a treat
Drag another poison and like a poison on me
Hey, baby you got a husband
I am playing my part
I am trying coffee
Can trust
Borrow my budget
Touch down
Keep it in
Money to subject
I get no more than tea
I gonna love it
You gonna travel me
I wanna rub it
So sad
Cowork and public
Never wanna a kid
No kid, I am judging what I gonna do
I love shot
Fire the gun
Plot it here
Probably looking horny
Looking wild
Night is done, my flat
Back to the road when I done
She is shot
She is down
For ground
Oh lay down
Maybe I will
Maybe I don't
Maybe I will better off and if I don't
Never let money insure
Baby you blow
If you blow, seeking the soul, back on the road
Bring no test
Cause this is what I for the stroke
Cash for the blow
She is coming with the stroke
So she take the shot and go down dutch
Hop to Move and flut job
Go with my flut
Go get a flut
Game owner
Go in a player in a cold channel
Go with a CD though
Rub it in a split sit
Have a baby
She is gonna Crazy
Crazy gonna she is
Cold, harder
Stick in the freeze a bit, probably no move, not have stress in sleep

Love shots
She is fire in the gun,
Probably looking horny
Looking wild
Night is done, my flat
Back to the road when I done
She is shot and down
For ground (for bi*ch)
She is off
Oh... lay down

(Oh lay down, live without you, please don't let me)

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