LIL TWIST - Godzilla Lyrics

Verse 1

Ugh I get that cake like den I shine
And I show my swagg they tryna take mine
Its Twizzy Baby in the right mind
Switchin out hoes like playin day line
Ima do this here for for my team Y-Y-YMCMB
And girl I gots a lot of green
So put that all on me
Since a youngin baby one hundred baby
Everything they doing I been done it baby
I dont rock with them and Im underrated
But they washed up like the laundry lady
Ima young nigga with old paper
I stay high as a skyscraper
And me I scream eff a hater
Who needs them they're now later
Been round the world and back hoe
You can tell from the way I act doe
Gotta new girl for each state
You can tell Im Wayne and Mac bro
Twizzy F leave nothin left
Cause I lay em down by myself
Bill Gates weft made hard smell
Got em watchin me like Rockwell
Im goin in you aint gotta tell me
Since a youngster gettin mad bread like a deli
Hit the club make it flood like a broke levy
Leave the club with a set of twins like Mary Mary
Hit the Telli get it poppin let em know how Twizzy rockin
Soon as we done lettin em rock
Two minutes past couple mo knocking
Rockstar lifestyle I tried to be the nice child
Still made it now half a Mill in my bank account shit keep hatin

Godzilla Godzilla I swear to God Im as hard as Godzilla
Godzilla Godzilla Ima monsta I swear to God nigga
Godzilla Godzilla I swear to God Im as hard as Godzilla
Godzilla Godzilla bigga than life look Godzilla

Verse 2

Stop comparin Im better, Young Money foreva
Gold around my neck look like I found me fuckin treasure
Ballin wit no turnovers but you just gainin several
And for instance Im something like Sheet and you something like

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Thanks to ChynaaBreezy for correcting these lyrics

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