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"Put Some Music On" song overview :
“Put Some Music On “ is another smooth song from Boyz II Men's new album “Twenty” released in 2011. The single is the 3d one on the album.
Put Some Music On lyrics

BOYZ II MEN - Put Some Music On Lyrics

Lay head on the pillow
Stay for a while
I'm getting hungry for something that only you can provide
I know we met in the club
But that don't mean
I know mean nothing to me
You know I know what I'm doing
So listen listen to it, ooh

I'm gonna put some music on
This gonna make you wanna love me all night long, ooh
But I put some music on
This gonna make you wanna all night long
Uuh uuh uuh yeah

Girl, it's cold and it's raining
But it's warm inside
The way it's feeling baby any
So will do tonight
I know we just met in club
But that don't mean, that don't mean nothing to me
I know you know what you're doing
You late but I'm doing ooh

[2 x Chorus:]

Thanks to garbo for correcting these lyrics

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