BEENIE MAN - Give It Up Lyrics

(Feat. Barbee)

Verse 1
Beenie: Am not the type a man to look it on firstdate,
But sometime you get so horny and you can't wait,
Blood rushing from your head, you cannot concentrate
Like yu wanna explode, mi nah exaggerate
Trying to behave and not seem irate,
Situations arise when it's far too late,
To try to resist it or even hesitate,
A hope she will relate and don't playerhate
BarBee: Should I give up and let you loose
Beenie: I need yu now girl before me blow a fuse
BarBee: Should I fling it up any way yu choose
Beenie: A di perfect time like how mi under mi booze

Verse 2
Beenie: Please forgive mi baby if I came acrosscrude,
Trying to word the argument and seem rude,
But the tight dress yu have on a change mi wholemood
I have this perception of how yu look nude
Giving me de slam like de song name 'Dude'
Behaving like a porn star with more attitude
Jamaican nuh integrate sex with food,
I wud like to hear yu moan while.
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3
Beenie: Girl let mi introduce yu to mi lifestyle,
If it is I yu choose yu made de rite choice child
Girl mi seriously wah yu an mi nah smile
An if it take money, I will spen mi last coin
Cause a top dog, dat a mi profile,
An yuh sexual bucket need fi refill
No commitment, let' s try it for a while,
This she singing, wen she de pon de cold tile

(Repeat Chorus)

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