Styles P - Rise Up Lyrics

Yeah boobs, light that shit up
Master of ceremonies in the stores
Niggers is on deck

I don’t give a fuck about a nigger on a suck about
Load a 45 with the joints then buck them out
That’s what the ghost to do, they thinking I’m approachable
You thinking like a player, but I’m thinking what the coach will do
I know they saying fuck me, so I’m saying fuck them too
But it’s fly, niggers know they die, that ain’t nothing new
I be in the Chevy though, yeah I’m in the steady flow
I don’t want life, I’d rather shoot it with the federals
He gonna have a short talk, if you talking … though
Expensive ass taste, I ain’t in the spaghettios
Niggers fuck… told you that your man do, fuck that
You ain’t gonna clap, at least slap them with the damn tool
He gonna need a surgery, he gonna want to murder me
But he better act like he motherfucking heard of me
He should sense the urgency, murder but it started as a …
Now the whole crib is looking all fucking burgundy
Catch me in the benz nigger, all fucking burgundy
… shoes, yeah they burgundy
Ace but it’s turquoise, got a couple of killers
But they quiet like the church boys
Leader of the murder boys, I’m a leader
You could fall back or rise up
I’m in the crib, get it paused up
I’m the grown nigger the size up
Short but I’m big though,
Clap you on the bridge…

Thanks to nakrul

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