Styles P - Day One Lyrics

G’d up homie from day one
Zip your lips like the top of the bag at the station
Hammer locked up and loaded, flying in the European
Smoking in the passenger, trying to make a call,
Just trying to make my call
Lickering pretty women, and this verse is so deep
That the city could swim in it, swim nigger
Red eyes, no chlorine, yeah, bullets of smoke,
Let’s let it all steam, let it all steam
I like the vent, like central air
Pop shit to the ghost, I change your dental ware
Gum butter make you sip soup
Yeah while … the king from the sick roof
Get it popping like dandy green
Got a bunch of pretty chicks with the pistols by panty seens
I was on the sky lot, but I ain’t touch the skis yet
Smoking on the balcony, the snow had the trees yet
Getting high, just watch a nigger snow board
Ghost stamps official, like it’s made at the post off
You can get the clip, you pistol ghost off
Phantom head, meaning at the killer looks random …
Make you stand under it, then shoot the chandelier
I kinda ghost, I can make you fake, nigger shine the most
I can hang you nice, if you get me a designer rope
Fucking get a … I could use your designer clothes.

Thanks to nakrul

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