Papoose - I'm From NY Lyrics

This for my homies and that stinking...
And I’ll be running out to your hood
But I’m in a truck, boy
Black leg, black... get you from the.. boy!
They say they don’t like me,
They’re a bunch of fuck boys
They know that’s the reason they’re be laying in one...
2Pac... rock us
I call it rock ‘n rough now
I’m on that .. shit, fuck town!
I set the party by the pop, what now?
We gotta smash down from Brooklyn, back to uptown!
Work hard for the grands I got,
For the spots I run,
Me and... I don’t took a lot of rest before I even got hot!
Bet your man for a key, mother fucker I’m a G!
I’m G, I’m your God like my homie can’t slay
Violate .. I hit ‘em with the AK
I’m the reason why they slip, all these lames getting ...
And I never been this good, you know I had to do jokes!

I’m from New York, keep making hot
Disrespect, you’re getting shot
You had a job, I had a ...
Come to New York...
I’m form New York, I’m from New York
Now... a shot!
It’s going down!
I don’t care where are you from
I’m from the town
I’m form New York, I’m from New York

Thanks to madailui

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