"Flammable" song overview :
Snoop Dogg delights our ears with a new song called “Flammable” that will be released in October 2011 and definetly promises an incendiary hit. It`s all about heat, fuels, temperatures rising and the flammable Strophe and Bridge which create a really chain reaction when Snoop Dogg starts singing.
Flammable lyrics

Snoop Dogg - Flammable Lyrics

Snoop Dogg:
(Wa-wa-wa-warning, warning, warning, this is a warning)
I'm cool, and I'm hot.

Temperatures rising, oh no
So baby, get ready to turn up the heat
I see that look in your eyes, and
I know exactly what you wanted from me. Oh oh

Imma need you to burn it out.
Imma need you to host me down.
(Oooh this is a warning ooh...)

I'm flammable
Straight connection, watch me heatet up
I'm flammable
Like my fuels don't ever get enough
I'm flammable
I'm the fuels and you're the fire

(Warning, warning, I'm flammable, this is a warning)

Strophe 2:
It's like a chain reaction, and I,
I take away your air suplice
... tonight
Put your hands round me and watch me at night. yeah



I'm flammable (4x)

Rap by Snoop dogg ^.^


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