Hawdwerk & Jansport J - Respect Lyrics

Cocaine made us way to the block
So made us way to the noses
Made us way to the rocks
Made us way to our coach as the way made us to ..
And lessons taken away there’s no way stop
It takes the way of the soldier and make it a lot
So they can pay off the mortgage and feed the babies ..
That’s sayin a lot ‘cause instead of saving or not
They payin for rocks and jewels ..they stay with the block
..by cops and less they payin them off
.. they shaking they laying their .. they be locked this ..more than they ever thought
They hoping they thought they .. and they forgot
Now everything is not literal gone when you sitting the hoe
And kids ..makes it pops
Thinking damn you hadn’t made

So it does the same thing and it thinks is the pop

Is your respect .. i know this war ..
Is your respect
I know

Stood us make the way to the class
That the .. the path they ..my mind is the bullet
They try to ..that ass
The .. open doesn’t brain for your past
You learn about doctor lean ..
Yeah and you can’t believe it’s .. back
Yeah you cell phone .. let em heat you back man
Now what is .. to six grade and your principle complai about the way you brave
But it doesn’t teach about the history
You say the Africans ..before the story ship ..the way
and they wonder why we kick it in the game
they only know the presidence is put it on pay
and instead of be ..brain
They wanna see us with the ball they keep us in the game

..is your respect
I know this war ..we made
Is your respect, is yours respect

Still necessary i have to agree
.. as long he respect you

Baby is make the way to the clinic so do a way with the babies
so clearly they did it and .. with the act
and he came when she hit it
she wanna take it off back too ashamed to admit it
how long she wait she gotta make a decision
maybe she will say she was raped
to play the role of the ..
and young lady but she know that she isn’t
‘cause if she the .. then she damn so ..
you know so she paid it the visit and she say
there’s been a couple months there no sign that she’s pregnant
she even thought of a .. she even thought of the ..
she event thought ..he would dump off
she would say check mother fucker
it was one day in the summer when our parents were at work
she let the baby come over
she said baby come over, then the baby came out of
and as quick as he came
the same baby came out of .

Thanks to garbo

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