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Styles P - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

Come on, Cosmic Kev!
My man! Styles P in the building!
You know I love you! Man, let’s get it going, let’s get it!
I need some balls!
Lyrics is ready sharp, every verse I like the …
With the bloods in the cribs drinking
A bunch of land homies, that have been moving like Soso
Family over everything I would never insult you, aha!
Bitch niggers break out, real niggers fit tight
Go see his nigger, I’m asking what a… like
How the salad taste? Time is limited,
I’m on that… four hours straight
Thinking of the world with no handcuffs,
No phony niggers be getting man up!
Nigger just man up!
Even when I’m laying down consider me a stand up
GEU I kill you by
Could have been DEA or an FBI
Stay load or snap like a photo with no flash
I had plenty money, and I had no cash!
Had a lot of work and I had no stash
Had a .. on me, but had no mask.
I know the ups and downs, never fuck around,
Call me when it’s touching down!
I bring the hokey mask, no stick upon the ground,
Never let a sucker…
Yeah, I take a.. to myself,
I’ve got five different leads I will decipher with myself
When I see a bunch of niggers, I’m just tighten up my belt
Ready at all time, getting fed at all times
Yeah, come up show!
Cosmic Kev asked me to go, act like you know, aha!
Feel me! Philly what up?
We need more, we need more!
Let’s go!
We need more, we need more!
.. you know the speed low
Your girlfriend is licking the pee whole.
My niggers move he yo, by the….
Throw your bitch in front of the bullet just like nino
Or take the chain off just like..
Floss in front of me and it better be thief,
Cause this gum ain’t.. but be ready to…
I smack you in, who you think is better than me?
Get it? Hop you got, and you get got, damn hip hop!
But I let my shit pop,
You can try to run and make your head pop
Getting form the bottom, but I head for the tip top
I’m in the… yeah I’m rocking the flip flop!
Rap niggers, go throw security, too
Still get cocaine from the Peruvian crew….
In the brand new Lexis, blueberry blue
Smoking haze and… blubber too…
..and match my man got the…
Arabian money like we just flew from..
You wonder how we spit so nice
But shoot guns, gonna hit ya, flip ya twice!
Don’t you talk about the pot ‘till I get my slice, nigger!
Cosmic Kev, in the building, you know what it is!

Thanks to madailui

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