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Julez Dirt - Streetz Of Da Norfside Lyrics

Verse 1

Imma conbustable element stay high n relevant take a puff of dis weed shit
man im smellin it im been to hell in back yall aint neva seen me imma
norfside krim from da KGB uh but im tha finest killa the best u seen u in
it fo da fans im in it fo da cream so prepare yourself step back time fo
action my flows is fresh Samuel L Jackson chess playn pussy ass make sure
yo brains bashd in rap money maniac get my check n cashd in fast wit blastn
don’t ask wot happen or I leave u layn dead pussy punk bitch fo actin yeah
I made a vow to start my own embassy if yall aint feelin my shit wel den
imma start killin G But before I start my torturous journey I leave
motherfukers stretched out head cracked on a fuckin gurney


Coz imma b.l.o.o.d u neva catch me runnin round on deez street always got
da heat packd in between my knees coz ull b layn down dead on da norfside

Verse 2

When my boys run after ya, ya fun turns into a massacre slashin ya bashin
ya wit da Slazenger yeah we come wit hard stylez yall can not adapt to wen
I catch u imma gat chu get at chu manifest da villin pretendin to b chillin
mutherfuker turn dey bak dats wen we start killin coz in da streetz of
norfside yall famz aint ever safe were we run up on ya boy put da gat to ya
face put u in ya place is wot my boys came to do gat to ya back bitch ass
dnt move my crew NSK we neva lose leave poor bitches hurt wit a bruise ya
snooze in dis game u cant play I kill n murder any lil bitch in my way I
slay any1 trynna get a taste of perths most wanted norfside my life in my
vains coz I got it neva taunt it BITCH.


Verse 3

Yeah dats a lil sumfin ov wot my boys in da norf do stunt on me get clapped
wit a loose tooth im da proof of how u ended up in da coffin wit a suit u
got dat boot up yo ass now hu cute its not u bitch so shut yo trap ill make
motherfukers duck n dodge my gun clap make dis rap sound more hardcore den
it already does girls showin me love in da streetz of da norfside got da
cops on my back ready to attack contact da NSK we ready to fite back tonite
is da nite were da riot brake out were killin is legal n lil pussy wil
shout damn we gota get down get my boys my gats terrorize dis town now yall
bow down to da Norfsides Finest im ya hines tha mightess the meanest not so
clean but I damage any1 on my scene


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