Julez Dirt - My Girl Lyrics


Baby Girl yeah you know you my world yeah baby day n night yeah imma be by
Your side BABY GIRL.

Verse 1

I think she leavin but I don't wanna believe I see her in my future but I
Don't think she see it my girl she in my dreams n I don't leave it I'd be
With her all day just to see how far we get but just knowin that's it's over
I can't put my head around it this achin pain in my heart it always be
Poundin like I think it's broken n she is tha only one who can fix it I told
You that you is my world I promise n I keep it I don't want no over girl
Just you who I can sleep with my girl my heart my world tha only one I
Wanna be with my secret love admirer tha girl I wanna stay with n girl I
Aint playin no delayin in our love is what I'm sayim.

Verse 2

See tha love that we had was true aint no girl in this world who I love
More then you your my boo my babe my whole wide world my whole life stop
When I saw you girl now I'm sittin reminecin over tha girl that I lost now
Tha girl that I am missin wishin that I could see your face again not only
Is you my life but you is my bestfriend n girl I aint pretend cause if I
Saw your face my heart would stop again.



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