911 - The Swing lyrics

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Yeah, it's the swing<br>Ooh, yeah, it's the swing<br>Every day is a saturday in the month of spring<br>Seems the world is full of girl looking out for that love thing<br>The hood's down, we're cruising downtown<br>Just hanging with my friends<br>The radio's ready to blow<br>We're getting in that vibe again<br>Chorus:<br>When your body keeps swaying side to side<br>Your spirit is free, it feels good to be alive<br>Oh, yeah, that's the swing<br>When you're happy to face the day with a smile,<br>Open your heart, let somebody inside<br>Oh, yeah, that's the swing<br>Everyone is having fun like a holiday, yeah<br>Plain to see she's the one for me<br>Don't need words to communicate<br>The music's loud, we're fooling around<br>Just getting in the groove, yeah<br>The sun's out, a lot of people about<br>We're checking out the views<br>Repeat chorus<br>It's a kind of faith that you believe<br>Can you free your soul to fly? <br>Kind of hope that makes you see<br>Your dreams can come to life<br>Rap:<br>Here I am, and I'm gonna try to make you understand<br>About the things that I'm feeling<br>'cause the swing has got me reeling<br>Try thinking about the things that make you happy<br>And keep your dreams alive, 'cause people, this is how it can be<br>When you think that we're hanging and we're doing bad<br>Or we're just feeling things you never felt and never had<br>'cause when you wake up in the morning and your soul is singing,<br>That's when you're swinging<br>Repeat chorus to fade

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