911 - Take Good Care lyrics

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I've been broken-hearted<br>It felt like my world was caving in, leaving me lonely<br>It felt like my head was in a spin<br>I'd too and I'd turn all night, wondering how it came to be<br>I've been there, and I never will return<br>If you're honest, girl (honest, girl)<br>You will be my world (be my world)<br>And I'll be there if you take good care forever<br>Chorus:<br>Take good care of my heart, and I won't let you down, girl<br>Take good care of my heart, I'll always be around, girl<br>Take good care of my heart, and I will leave you never<br>If you take good care forever<br>I'd do about anything<br>To show you that my love is strong enough<br>Whether it's rain or shine<br>Even when the going gets too tough<br>I'll be there, on this, you can rely<br>If you'll be my girl (be my girl)<br>I'll promise the world (promise the world)<br>And my love, I'll share if you take good care forever<br>Repeat chorus<br>I used to make believe<br>There was a girl of my dreams (girl of my dreams)<br>When I opened up my eyes<br>I saw my dreams have come to life<br>Repeat chorus to fade

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