911 - Moving On lyrics

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Moving on our way<br>Moving on our way<br>I will always remember<br>Our first days together<br>It felt like we had known each other forever<br>We were dreamers<br>And we were believers<br>To give up everything<br>To follow this dream<br>But one thing that we have learnt is to stand, together as one<br>And nothing will overcome<br>And nothing's gonna stop us now<br>Chorus:<br>Moving on our way<br>We're moving on in the one direction<br>We're growing stronger with each passing day<br>We're moving on ewe'll always remember<br>All of our friends all along the way<br>Moving on our way<br>Now there's been hard times<br>As the road unwinds<br>We've grown closer<br>It's been worth all the sacrifice<br>Times are changing<br>And I hear what you say<br>Can'tlook at the world<br>Through innocent eyes<br>We promise we will never forget the message<br>Keep the faith as long as you're here<br>By our side<br>We'll make this music last for all time<br>Chorus till end

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