911 - Make You My Baby lyrics

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Well, oh yeah yeah, oh baby yeah<br>Watching the stars shine in the open sky, summer breeze<br>Looking down those empty winding streets (winding streets)<br>There's one thing missing from this beautiful scene<br>I need you in my arms to make it complete<br>How can you be so far apart, yet your voice I can hear<br>Babe it's tearing me apart<br>I'm drowning in my tears<br>I can almost touch you but you don't even know I'm here<br>Don't even know I'm here<br>Chorus:<br>Tell me what I've gotta do to make you my baby<br>Only you can release me from the pain inside<br>Tell me what I've gotta do to make you my baby<br>But it can't be wrong<br>I know it's gonna be so right<br>I need a little sign, only you can rescue me<br>Cos you hold the key to unlock this misery<br>Give me one chance to show that it could be harmony<br>I'll take you in my arms - the rest will be history<br>Don't hold back, let's make a start<br>I'll never let you down<br>I swear I'll never break your heart<br>I'm gonna make you proud<br>All you gotta do is believe that this is destiny, believe in destiny<br>Chorus<br>Oh yeah, well well baby, yeah<br>Chorus till end

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