911 - I Wanna Get Next To You lyrics

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I wanna get next to you<br>I wanna get next to you<br>(2x)<br><br>I'm sitting here in this chair<br>Waiting for you, oh baby<br>To see things my way<br>But not a word you say<br>You won't even look my way, yeah<br>Girl, I'm spending my dime<br>Wasting my time<br>Talking till I'm black and blue<br><br>Oh can't you see<br>I wanna get next to you (2x) ooh<br>I wanna get next to you<br><br>Dreams of you and I go sailing by<br>Whenever your eyes meet mine (you're so fine)<br>And girl, you make me feel so insecure<br>You're so beautiful and pure<br>Why must you be so unkind<br>Tell me I'm not your kind, blowing my mind<br>Girl, my money is low<br>And I know I cannot take you to the fancy places<br>You might wanna go<br><br>I wanna get next to you (3x)<br>Baby, yeah<br>Lalalalala? <br>I wanna get next to you<br><br>Girl, you can bend me, shake me, make me<br>Whatever it takes to please you<br>I'm willing to do<br>'cos you're my dream come true<br><br>I wanna get next to you (2x)<br>I wanna make you mine for all time<br>I wanna get next to you<br>I promise I won't make you blue<br>I wanna get next to you (yes I do)<br>I wanna get next to you (oh baby)

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