911 - Hold On lyrics

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Moonlights streets on your soft skin as you sleep tonight<br>These fallen dreams as I count every breath you breathe<br>I can't believe that we are standing on different sides<br>The cold reality, cos we live in the same world living separate<br>Lives-oh<br>Chorus:<br>We gotta hold on (hold on)<br>We can make it through the storm<br>Baby it's been so long (so long)<br>Since the feeling was so right<br>I know we can make it strong<br>For I have seen the signs<br>In my heart you still belong<br>Gotta keep holding on<br>Oh we gotta hold on<br>We've been so blind to let the passing time just slip by<br>All we've sacrificed just washed away like a turning tide<br>I sit alone and look up into the open skies<br>I finally realise oh we've got to fight to keep this love alive<br>Chorus<br>It doesn't matter who's to blame<br>Forget all the tears lost in the rain<br>Let's start the fight to win ti back again<br>Or we'll becomelost souls in lover's ocean<br>We've seen too much to let it be forgotten<br>Chorus till end<br><br>Check it out!<br>Back to search<br>Browse all lyrics<br><br>Voting:<br>Rating:<br>0.0<br>0 votes<br>Rate this song!<br><br>911!<br>Vote for 911!<br>Other songs by 911

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