911 - Don't Walk Away lyrics

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Can't believe we're standing here<br>Saying that we're leaving<br>While holding back the tears<br>I remember everything we've shared<br>Through all the years<br>Why does it have to end this way<br>Is this the bitter pill<br>That we have to take<br>And now we've come this far<br>Is this the price we pay<br>Can we win it back again<br>Chorus:<br>So don't walk away<br>We can save our love<br>If we just keep the faith<br>Let's turn the tide, before it's too late<br>Don't let it go, don't walk away<br>Sometimes we don't see eye to eye<br>And in the past, we may have danced a little out of time<br>And after all the different roads we've walked together<br>Let's make it right<br>Let's start tonight<br>Chorus<br>All it takes is understanding<br>The answer's right there in our hearts<br>We can reach a new horizon<br>If we keep the hope alive<br>And all the things will turn out right<br>Chorus x2

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