911 - Carefree Lover lyrics

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Chance allowed us to meet<br>But when all is said and done<br>It wasn't meant to be<br>Although we had such fun<br>The recollection of times we shared<br>I know our lives have changed<br>The memories remain<br>My carefree lover<br>Chorus:<br>She was a girl I knew back then<br>Way back when there were no cares in my world<br>She was my friend<br>My carefree lover<br>It seems we were in love so free<br>But nothing never seems the way it used to be before<br>There'll be no other<br>She will be my one and only carefree lover<br>She will be my only one<br>We talk the night through until dawn<br>Impassioned by our thoughts and spending time alone<br>You never would drive home<br>Until the birds would sing the morning had arrived<br>And how I reminisce the best days of our lives<br>My carefree lover<br>Repeat chorus to fade

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