911 - Can't Stop lyrics

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Can't stop<br>The world just stops<br>The love I got<br>Baby, baby, baby<br>I just can't get you out of my mind<br>The first moment that you caught my eye<br>I was talking with your best friend<br>One smile, the beginning of the end<br>You appeared like an angel before me<br>My heart was racing, surely this was destiny<br>My soul was fired, my spirit was free<br>Gotta let you know what you're doing to me<br>I can't wait any longer<br>Love is growing stronger<br>Chorus:<br>I can't stop, stop thinking about you<br>Don't you know the world just stops<br>Every day I'm without you<br>The love I got will never make you blue<br>Baby, baby, baby<br>What can I do to convince you this love is strong<br>And my heart is true<br>That we belong together, yeah<br>Sure as the stars in the sky shine through<br>'cause I can't wait any longer<br>To let you know how I feel about you<br>Repeat chorus to fade

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