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Kirko Bangz - What Yo Name Iz (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]
Girl what it do
I'm comeing home with you
Your girlfriend trippin' on you
You can bring her too
Your bra over here
yo panties under their
Gotcha bitting on yo lips baby while I pull your hair
And she kissing on your nabel
Come give me that halo
All up in my jeans and I'm gunna' hit her with that
State flow hard dick
Kirko paint her walls
Maco baby I'm a leo and I think that she a virgo
And you know who I am
Cause u know that this my jam
I got ya girl drippin'
My voice make her wet
She say I make her shiver
And I ain't even their
She in love with a nigga
And we ain't even met... Dam!

All I wanna know girl what yo name is, I see them other niggas they be on that lame shit
And I can take care of you and them girls you came with
But first you gotta tell me what yo fuckin' name is
What yo name is girl

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
I'm a treat you like my whip
Hop in and let me test drive
Throw it in reverse
Then put it into sex drive
Bitch you know my name!
Throwing money because I make it bomarang!
My dick the finish line she racein' for my draws I unbuckle my belt
Know she give me a head start
Yea I'm livein' right these niggas dead wrong
She suck my dick while I'm on a call
Know I just cought a head phone
Like dammit you the shit you do it so well
You do it so well I'm a throw some change and make a wish
Fuck around and pay your rent let's go in my car and fake the tint
Yea the windows clear as day but we fuck like they 8 percent...

[Verse 3: Wale]
Don't know her name those ain't really importiant
I herd that loves forever my love gunna' be much shorter
I intend to hit it, twist it till her man can't feel those boarders
I intend hook it, I'm it book so much you don't need no boarders
Forplay reawardin' her on her long day
Tho you my side piece you still my entree
I fucks with her the long way she don't really wanna' stay
Cause I treat her like a groupie I just fuck her like her soulmate
No kids, no ring herd she do your own thing
That's why they salty every where I sware it's like a snow day
Ya'll don't move em' you dudes is at that slow pace
I don't toot my own horn but I'm a cold train

[Verse 4: Bun B]
What yo name is girl let me tell you mine
I'm the trill OG and I be out here on the grind
The game ain't pretty but I'm reppin' for my city
Keep dirty money on me like my name was P Diddy
Call me Bun B'da you know I stay G'd up
I'm rollin' with ya bopa on them choppers with her feet up
I'm sittin' on candy I'm sippin' on brandy
I'm comeing down clean and man them boys can't stand me
They mad cause they girl be on my tip like tinny
I'm riddin' glass house so it won't be hard to find me
My game so grimmey my rims so shinny
And ya can't get like me then boy tou besta' get behind me

Thanks to teaila kirko sister for correcting these lyrics

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