Julez Dirt - Ghetto Anthem Lyrics


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Dirt's on the mic n kilin everyone with the rough beat I like to call rough ones so move ya feet n wave ya guns put em up in the air like UH! get hit woth the smith n wesson n learn a lesson dat I am protection you wanna use injections well get out cause I only use bongs now ya know what I'm about I hit you with the next song then I gain some clout Northside my stompin ground n where I'm found I resign to the underground I'm bound for glory I re-write the story if yall owe me yall can't ignore me imma G from da city were da sun shine so bright you look at it lots n you gon loose sight I fight till da day end I aint pretend fat bags of weed like my ex-girlfriend now ya gon get sent back to da prison.


It's da Ghetto Anthem put ya hands up fo da Ghetto Anthem we standin tall fo da Ghetto Anthem we aint gonna fall cause da Ghetto Anthem keeps us high when we ride we die fo da Ghetto Anthem when we shoot we kill fo da Ghetto Anthem get girls fo da Ghetto Anthem cause it's da Ghetto Anthem MotherFucker.


Verse 2 is up "Stand Back" didn't suck when I'm on the mic man I ripped it up I'm the king n I wear da bling yp girls with me cause she falls fo anything UH! I smoke what I wanna toke what I wanna guns in da back Marijuana I'm on the rough ones your a gorner I corner ya with my eyes den I slaughter welcome to my house of pain I bring it got dat Ghetto violence in my vains I win it demolish every rapper by da minute I'm in it fo a reason da game dat I kill is gon b outta season I'm leavin everyone standin bleedin dey aint seein dey witnessin da change of a human being believe it Northside were I'm at so believe dat homie it's my home G YEAH!



I hit you with da next verse imma curse from haunted hill ya aint seen worse first n fore most we need some more toast fo deez eggs n bacon I'm shaken everyone the awakenin of a king so ya better run before I pull out my gun n release da trigger goes pop in ya face now ya seen a body drop in dis place cops everywhere from da chase UH! bruh what u gonna do when I run up on ya crew girls havin partys down on the avenue kickin with my family cousins n love ones we buzzin bout da dozzens lovin my next hit gimme some more shit yes you want it girl taunt it den you can jump on it my next track or my dick if you want yeah it more dangerous den "Stand Back" click clack now ya heard dat motherfucker.


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