Styles P - Sensai style Lyrics

Listen to the insane kicking
And they say time flies but it’s never a plane ticket (never)
Yea we get the money and all of the pain with it
And the black clouds and all of the rains with it
Niggas want you to follow em, they aint leaders though
Like going to war and not bringing the heater though
Learn the game and everything that you get from it
Might be the next Malcolm X in the stripper's stomach
Or Martin though, or Huey though
But niggas only care about Gucci and wearing Louis clothes
Cried the other day for the state of mind's funeral
Sad when lil boys is starting to wear women's clothes
Listen to me talking to you like a nephew
Whoever don't ride with you nigga, you gotta step to
Step through next level shit, it might test you
You stay strong, keep faith if you're special
They ask me what I use a gun for
Do it for niggas that it's never been done for
And I'm living good but the rest of the fuckin slum's poor
Real fuckin African, beat up the fuckin drums y'all
And the snares too, fly like the air shoes
Batter the whole industry cuz I dare to
I still keep it blue collar hip hop
Still mob style like Gangster Lou and Whip Wop

Thanks to Ryan for correcting these lyrics

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