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Bow Wow - Trouble On My Mind Freestyle Lyrics

Top off don’t make me knock your block off
From .. you niggas is just knock off some high of my mind
Thye think i’m going crazy 50 million dollars bithces she thinks she’s swimming baby
I might dressed like a .. but i don’t own one
and all you knew rappers of my new sons
way out to strip clubs .. new ones
you niggas acting like i really do someth’
Shit i’m droppin out the drizzi nigga he left the one eleven
I’m getting busy nigga and try to count me out
If they fucking stupid do they .. that i’m not ..
Fuck boys what plan that you want money used to be ..
.. i slim like .. these little niggas know they can’t see me
They waiting on my shit like ..
now who the fuck i’d be, i’d be the B to the O
me i’m west representing yeah born in the ..
i swear you niggas is slow that’s so high bitch
chillin getting .. from my O ..chick
Got sonny my priority is straight take the ..see my daughter in the ..
..who i’m doing i aint’ doing shit
And matches to my haters i could
Spin ..around.. free how she living South West Atlanta
man ..change so .. you rappers wish to talk .. what i get cash money
for everything homes killing all these rappers then we burry the bombs
homie i’m the best and they know that
you all rappers play it out like .. bang bang hole out
Tell me where the dough at Tv’s in the rest
My name in the flow .. please don’t tempt me
Are you poppin in the club when your sex is empty
Got my own lane, got my my own fan bases like is stuck in quick ..
‘cause i aint’ going no place and i’m far from the bitch
i’m tellin to your face Louie V everything ‘cause i gotta ... silly
I got enough game to take Cassy from Diddy but i’ve been ..
been remember that baby ..house sweet i .. that crazy
i’m the prince i’m boy ain’t no other like i
like i.. to airplane shit you ..the fly
and you can see my eyes low ‘cause i ..
i got things to do so tell me is we fuckin or not.

Thanks to garbo

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