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Styles P - Marvin's Room Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, boss so high I don’t know what the fuck you said!
Just flow on, my man
Full of diction, pretty models and vixens,
I juice up, work out, and write fiction.
Still pop shit like.. talking...
Still... still talking the pistol
Chilling now, waiting on the drop range rover,
And you flashy, you’re more like flash!
..circle the world fast!
Big bamboo, yeah purple and...
Niggers hustle for serving just for more cash.
To see the Maybach curtains, niggers are probably...
All the money in the world couldn’t buy me another dad
Bring my little brother back, I still feel sad,
I light another one, then another one, the another one!
To play the beat and let the butter come
Yeah, I’m from the hood but my taste is expensive
Stacks or the dinner, yeah, my ways is expensive
Acting shit, but you may last...
..for the A rap trace.
No brag on, never wanted to boast us,
Money ain’t shit, so keep the family close
I still gotta ask ...
If I can’t is all good, I got a mass in the crib.
And niggers where I’m from, don’t ask what you did
If you answer, then you know what type of...
What up?
Masters of ceremonies!
Cause niggers know what it is, we’re out of here!
One, ..salute!

Thanks to madailui

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