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TIMBO KING - The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton Lyrics

I was raised by a ladies man, Reagan era, 80's scam
Old school slow jams, pops drinkin out of cans
His Matty son, the oldest one, just like his father
Baby sister named Shaliqa always under momma
A young scientist, 12, look at Tim Tim
I had the remedies, way back then
It was BLS and KISS FM
Full Force, Chaka Khan, I have to mention them
Used to go to block parties, hear the DJ spin
Uncle Pru put me on to a DJ blend
First time seen a shootout, that party had to end
That's when crack hit the hood, drug dealers, kingpins
Got rid of weak men, for position and power
Smoke fiends overdosed, track marks in her arms
Homicide traced the block, that's was somebody moms
Left her baby cryin cold on the stop of the steps
The night grandpa hit the number he was always in deapth
Used to play with the words like i am so fresh
East is best now grnadma is best
.. need projects with a low life ...
Sail you a polo whit vest Gucci .. start to smoke marijuana
.. bitches bad asses and .. change winds no .. igonorance is success
.. sound effects out of this .. who ever thought i am over with school
To 50 .. MCs google was with me .. last rail
Made it happen with a .. no regrets ow i feel
.. recorded song never made it to ....in my draws
Don’t think the game is sweet .. no debut wanna charge ..
I sound older than them is about .. when hip hop wanna ...
Look what happened to me .. look at me young spirit i ain’T ..
Download ringtones wallpaper .. i ama company ..
Standing jin your place Lords kows i .. still I rise
.. survive my life put aside my difference social vices ..

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