Marion Write - The Bounce Lyrics

Yeah speed it to the
Welcome to the team yツ値l
fresh on fuck the ..shit
Letツ痴 go !

Yaツ値l flying through the clouds in the 747
And itツ痴 s the coast that i ever been to heaven
Silence in the sky except the roll from the engines
storing over cities now iツ知 feeling like the jets in
ahh and i pray for my .. i waste them wealth in a state full of jets
an they can fly to see the world from my soldiers eye without a war present
The only bottle we faith between us
But dreams shooting new doors with the keys cuts perfect
New legendary when i ..they ask what iツ知 changing for
The money or power is the fame or respect if iツ知 humble then they our from my neck
Catch 22 models ..and let em hang from the roof

The bounce

They put .. over loyalty ..from the royalty
Someone even kill the enemy to skip the loyal fees
when the justice just is a sort of corrupt
they steal and start holding it nuts
The world is start opening it up
Never reach my heighest ..i keep smoking it up
Satisfaction would beat that for me
So iツ知 never satisfied i keep my old pleasure
Ad how you live you should ..fellow me
Letsツ start check bitch ..for the penalty
Tryin to .. in my legacy you smell flowers
Dressed in .. in the head of em
..peace to my real to way down i go hard in the ..
Like you heard shots in the ..
We do it ..

The bounce

I rush the office cause i just rush my ..
..till they speed it down 15 yaツ値l
Cush my bitches Alexander McQuin ..many .LA LA
Gang ..territories that they ..
But i love the city and i love the people
Ohh when i ..the state they me
I just i just wanna bring that fire
Now the music for higher ..respect to ym ..
bitches screaming like Mariah now ..
..with the.. stucking like an evil ..but they smell when they see you
fucking Hollywood ..

Put the bounce

Thanks to garbo

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