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Rose Hill Drive - Birds Against The Glass Lyrics

Birds Against The Glass by Rose Hill Drive
As a girl she had a dream that she was gonna leave her house
And find a man who shared her love and shared her thoughts
Together they would roam across the forty-eight and spend the money they had saved
With fellow gypsy people they would learn to live again and dance the night away
Ridin’ the new wave

So she packed her car up tight and headed for the southern states
And found a man she kinda liked but he never treated her right
With money running low they built a house that they could never clean
He promised her that he would change
He promised her that they would build a scene
Just like she dreamed

But the man was a boy
And the bank loan was a ploy
In a world like this we burn and crash
Just like birds against the glass

Once there was a summer filled with love and everybody’s consciousness was being guided from above
And it was clear that there was power in the people and if people carried flowers
The intention would stay good and plain
And so he made a promise that he’d never change the hippie he became

But the clouds kept rollin in, the baby boomers giving in
To mass appeal and government but he said they would never win
The country was a mess before but free love seemed to change the war
And he saw no difference if we could just elect the right president
Maybe people would get it
But now he keeps a tank full of gas
Oh, just to save his own ass
In a world like this we burn and crash
Just like birds against the glass

Oh, will we stay where we last?
Oh, this too shall pass

In a world like this we burn and crash just like birds against

(Merci à Vince pour cettes paroles)

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