Nikki Jean - La Di Da Di Da Lyrics

La Di Da Di Da [x4]
Every day
I pick my self up and say
"Hey there world were making the sun shine"
You and me together with he and she
Hangin' in and making the sun shine
Clouds may come
Storms may blow
But after the rain look up for the rainbow
Then somehow we'll slowly a wisker now
Turns into the music of sunshine
La Di Da Di Da [x5]
Come one may remember the smile and say
"Here we go were makin the sun shine"
Girls and boys
Were makin' a joyful noise holdin' hands and makin' the sunshine
Shadows form
Skies are grey
Whenever your down look up to a new day
Then you'll see how happy the world can be
As it becomes the color of sunshine
La Di Da Di Da [x20]
La Di Da Di Da [x10]

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