Corey Hart - 21 Lyrics

Hey man look over there I swear
Serious thing
Loosin' my pride
This ain't no self pity song

Hey don't judge my prayers
I care
But I'm drifting away
And the water I'm in
Won't put out this fire

Is it over
Run my head against the wall
Is it over
I'm not gonna stand another fall
Yes it's over, over
But this ain't my curtain call

At 21

Hey man don't ask me why
I lie
To my sweet dreams at night
Precious youth
What have you found
At that best ain't the guy with the most
Just the guy who gets close
To the beat of his heart
Only you can tell

Is it over
No more chaos up my sleeve
Is it over
Think it's high time I believe
Yes it's over,over
Want some air that I can breath
At 21
Whole world
Keep running...21

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