Gemini - Game Over Lyrics

Listen check y’all
and try to show the love so people see the goodess in me
I need to get my own money get my soul free
i feel tight in this pain I need to change
i need to get myself back to ..
hopefully I’ma make you one thing i feel safe when i sing
life’s ..son the sing
i don’t look to the ..but don’t hate
and that’s .. we all have the same .. and what we do
but i’m just doing what i’m doing in attitude
When i’m tryin to keep my soul to myself
I just don’t ...on my wealth
I’ve been born in the crib f8cking off my ..
It takes the pain as i can tell
Some days i’m looking of what i think to myself
Only time to tell i wanan get away from trouble
but when like .. away from all my troubles
I need to pass me the dough yeah i’m waiting for the .. keep somethin
and i remember the days when i was ..
.. in the wall just get .. with my friends ..keep the border
and ever since then things ain’t never been the same
¬Ďcause my ..going round and round
Is that long since i made it hear I don’t know how
And everywhere i go ..stormy cloud
Bring it under the .. and hold it down
. .. to all my family that i never ahd
And i rememeber when my mama told me
just wait and see what comes next i stay ..
Is the real world i feel attention and make you money ..
Never to be seen the game unless with bless to the ..
But which way don’t know, don’t playin the game
I don’t know where i’m going at
I’ve been under pressure lately i’ve been breakin sweat
Tryin to work hard tryin to make the money
You know how it is i’m searching every proof for it
Just tryin to get a little something for me
And i don’t care if i’m hate i ..
And every feel i do i do it with faith
I have pride in my the yard for the ..
with the ..bush .. like a ..point put it in the .. just to prove my ..
seat down get back ..a drink ..see what tears don’t even a wrist
i’ma kick relax ... smoking on that feelin the ..
i feel strange yeha i feel stressed but then again .. ¬Ďcause this is go test to see which with
i’ma go which other way i’ma go with the flow
i hope that i cope ¬Ďcause then again i go alone
A lot of in peace to what its soldiers ..
The roads are getting colder every day go and look over your shoulder
To cool it your day
Game over.

Thanks to garbo

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