90 Pounds of Pete

90 Pounds of Pete - Waited Too Long lyrics

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Ft. Devon Baldwin


I can write it down, yeah I can write it down

I can close my eyes, don't want to look around

If I could find somethin' I like as much as gettin' high

Maybe I'd be somewhere i don't mind to much

I'm just out of touch

(Chorus x2)

I waited too long

(Verse 2)

I would hold u down, yeah I would hold u down

But u got away & now i don't know how

To let u know I lonely ever wanted to get high with u

Show u what u neva knew, never knew

Do u want me to?

(Chorus x2)


I can't quit not doin' things

Tell me you're the only one that can make it all happen

And I don't know how to say I can really make all these decisions

(Chorus x5)

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