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9 To 5 movie - Nine To Five (Finale) lyrics

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COMPANY: Nine to five,<br>

What a way to make a living.<br>

It's now less uptight,<br>

It's less taking and more giving.<br>

Want to move ahead,<br>

And now that I can do it,<br>

Better get my rear in gear and get right to it.<br>


Nine to five,<br>

Hallelujah, hallelujah,<br>

Ooh, thank the Lord no one's trying to sock it to ya,<br>

Praise and glory to the ones that made a difference,<br>

Joy to the girls, we've all been delivered.<br>


GROUP 1 (WOMEN): Nine to five, working nine to five. (x2)<br>


GROUP 2 (WOMEN): Nine to five, you can lose your mind.<br>

Get up and work, get up and work. (x2)<br>


GROUP 3 (MEN): Oooh! (x2)<br>


COMPANY: Nine to five you can lose your mind. Get up and work, get up and work.<br>

Get up and work, get up and work.<br>

Working nine to five.<br>

Nine to five!<br>


[Thanks to Mark for lyrics]<br>


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