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9 To 5 movie - Here For You lyrics

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Oh, my sweet Doralee<br>

You don't know what you mean to me.<br>

I just don't know what I would do without you<br>

You're so efficient and alert;<br>

And the way you look...<br>

Well, that shit don't hurt!<br>

Now please, don't think I'm a flirt,<br>

It's just I'm nuts about you!<br>


Here for you, I'm here for you.<br>

I want you so, I truly do.<br>

My body is your instrument<br>

Please play it!<br>


It's just that you stay on my mind,<br>

Every minute, all the time<br>

I've got to do it, make you mine completely<br>

Aw, I'd give you every dime I've got<br>

Why honey, you could be on top!<br>

Ther's no way to say this all discreetly.<br>


I'd like to take those double D's<br>

Hold them so close to me.<br>

I could lose myself in her forever<br>

Yeah, will I get those legs uncrossed?<br>

Of course I will, yeah, 'cause I'm the boss!<br>


I will win at my cost, I'm clever<br>

Oh-oh, here for you, I'm here for you<br>

Oh I do enjoy the view<br>

Oh dear I can see why you feel shaky,<br>

The ladder of success is steep;<br>

But not if you hold onto me.<br>

Or I'll hold onto you, my sweet;<br>

Oh, you just drive me crazy!<br>


I will have that moment I have long anticipated.<br>

I will have my way with her,<br>

She'll wonder why she's waited.<br>

I won't flinch until I quench<br>

My thirst from her sweet cup,<br>

(Those sweet cups)<br>

Yes I get just what I want<br>

And I want her so much.<br>

I'm here for her,<br>

I'm here for her,<br>

And I will not give (mmm) up!<br>


[Thanks to Joey for lyrics]<br>


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