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I'm his girl. Franklin and Rosalind Hart. Frank and Roz Hart...<br>


Perhaps I don't look liek some red hot mama,<br>

But believe me that's just what I am.<br>

Inside there's a fire mixed with passion and drama,<br>

Feelings backed up like a dam.<br>

And if I ever turn loose, I'll tell you the truth,<br>

Dear Hart, you won't be quite the same.<br>

And if I ever get my hands on you,<br>

I guarantee you'll be screaming my name!<br>


Heart to hart, eye to eye,<br>

Lip to lip, hip to thigh,<br>

Tit to toe, and I'll know what to do.<br>

I'll put on some music, take off my clothes<br>

Let down my hair, and put on a show.<br>

And I'll open some wine and I'll close all the doors.<br>

Cupid's dart through my heart says I'm yours.<br>


I'll use my love as my magic wand<br>

On the women who clutter your wold.<br>

And I'll zap them aside 'Cause I truly despise<br>

How they treat you, but I am your girl.<br>

They just don't understand what a wonderful man <br>

I've come to know you to be.<br>


And I've got a feelin'<br>

That deep down inside<br>

You might just feel the same about me.<br>


Heart to Hart, here we are,<br>

I can tell by the stars<br>

In my eyes I'm in sheer paradise<br>

I'm in love, I'm in heat, I'm not being discreet,<br>

No it's not ladylike,<br>

But I won't miss a beat<br>

Till you're under my speell and surrender to me.<br>


Heart to Hart, you are my destiny!<br>

You are my destiny!<br>


Heart to Hart<br>

Heart to Hart<br>

You're my destiny!<br>


Heart to Hart,<br>

Heart to Hart,<br>

You're the one for mehee!<br>


I'll be there,<br>

Heart to Hart!<br>


And let me tell you something else!<br>

I will always be your girl.<br>

you know I'll always care!<br>


Heart to Hart<br>


You and I,<br>

Just like I fantasize,<br>

Like the lovers in books and on screen,<br>

You're my handsome prince<br>

come to sweep me away<br>

Out into the sunset to love me always<br>


And you're my Romeo and I'm your Juliet<br>

Come hither to my waiting breast.<br>

Here I am, lay me down.<br>

And let's go a few rounds.<br>

You and me happily, My prince.<br>

Heart to Hart, n'er to part,<br>

The end!<br>


Heart to Hart,<br>

Heart to Hart,<br>

Heart to Hart.<br>

Dodoot. Dodoot.<br>


I love you...<br>


Hoot hoot hoo.<br>


[Thanks to Joey, Joseph McKiernan for lyrics]<br>


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